Whale ‘Tale‘ Silver Pendant

Whale ‘Tale‘ Silver Pendant

Whales show up in our life when it is time to remember that it’s all about the journey and who we choose to travel with. 

Whales are associated with communication, staying in our core group/ family, and conservation.

They remind us to make sure we are saying what we mean so that we are received clearly.

They also remind us to focus on the family we choose to travel with. Do we spend the majority of our time in a group that doesn’t support us? It is time to swim into a space with like-minded beings and with those who share a similar journey.

Whales also inspire us to get involved with protecting the environment and conservation. Protect what is sacred. Life is a precious sacred gift.

Pendant is approximately 1” x 1”. It is made of alloy metal. Does not come with necklace/ chain.
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