Trilogy Pendant Necklace

Trilogy Pendant Necklace


The number 3 is the number of the Trinity and an auspicious sign for anyone, especially for light workers and those who are involved with spiritual development.


3 carries a vibrational frequency that is associated with self expression and creativity. It is the number of creation and completion, associated with divinity in many of the world’s religions. It is a reminder from the universe of our creative potential and our innately divine nature. The vibrational frequency of the number 3 is a sign of our alignment with powerful spiritual forces that can help us achieve our aims.


Combine the energy of 3 with the energy of each of the crystals below: 


Amazonite: This stone is used to alleviate worry and fear. It is also a great crystal to balance male and female energies, allowing you to see both sides of the problems without coming to rash conclusions. Amazonite is an excellent stone to enhance loving communication at the Throat Chakra. It is also used to unblock the Heart Chakra. (green, black, gold colors) 


Amethyst: The ultimate stone for the Crown Chakra and Third Eye Chakra, enhancing spiritual qualities and connecting with your Higher Self. Its high vibrations promote a meditative and hypnotic state. It is also used for anything to do with the Head, for example, headaches, nightmares, insomnia, etc.


Agate: This stone is used to soothe the energies. It improves vitality, stamina and self-esteem. Use Agate for grounding energies at the Root Chakra. Each of the many type of Agate will possess their own healing properties and Chakra associations.


Rose Quartz: This is the ultimate Love stone. It attunes to unconditional love whether it be for yourself, others or the World. Use Rose Quartz at the Heart Chakra for balancing healthy relationships and appreciating the beauty in your life.


Tigers Eye: This is a stone confidence and courage when used at the Solar Plexus Chakra. It is a grounding stone when used at the Root Chakra. Tigers Eye can also be used for success in business endeavors.


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