The Old Soulery Spiral Journal

The Old Soulery Spiral Journal


Journaling is how I began my "spiritual journey" in 2009. As I began to work through my own healing and self reflection through journaling and meditation, I began to clearly see my path, explore who I am and experience my own connection to the Divine. 


This journal is a great way to begin your own Movement Within


Here is a great article that discusses journaling, why to do it and how to begin! The author is Becky Kane and the website is Ambition and Balance by Doist. Click here for full article. 


Please note, journaling opens you up to yourself. It allows you to witness your own unfolding- which is the whole adventure anyway. 


If you’re like me and have ever:

…then this article is for you.


What you write, you learn

We consume a massive amount of information over the course of a day—but how much of it do we actually remember, much less use in any meaningful way?

The key to learning is to stop passively consuming information and start actively engaging with the ideas we encounter. Think about the student who writes down what her professor says verbatim, versus the student who summarizes the information in her own words and then connects it back to concepts she’s learned before: Who do you think learns more?


Read the rest of the article here. 



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