Spider Silver Clasp Bracelet

Spider Silver Clasp Bracelet

Each living Being brings with it an energy and a lesson. 

The Spider shows up when it is time to be present within the magic of our own creating.

The Spider teaches us to rely on our own strengths in order to weave the life we want to live.

The Spider does not try to be anything other than what he is, even though he is often viewed as different, feared, and unwanted.

Spiders focus on what they want and they wait until the perfect moment before moving forward. They teach us to persevere and to be patient.

They also represent the darker sides of our Being that inspire us. These are the parts that have inspired some of the best stories ever written.

Spiders simply show up to tell us to be who we are, stay inspired, use your resources, never give up, and to never lose site of creating the very life you wish to live.

Bracelet is silver alloy metal and comes cleansed, blessed, and gift wrapped.

©2020 by April Roane #SpiritPosse 

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