Silver Heart Toe Ring

Silver Heart Toe Ring


Hearts do not show up by accident. When I became aware of my spiritual "journey" in 2009, random hearts began to show up everywhere! Clouds, water puddle, spilled milk, splatter paint- you name it, hearts where there. 


Hearts show up as a reminder to stay the course. Listen to you heart. Focus on what is most important to you. They also show up at a time when we are about to begin a very big and very special journey. 


Avia Venefica is the author and founder of one of my most favorite collections of symbolism research and work. I believe that symbolism is in everything, and is also they key to many who are clairvoyant.


Here is what Avia shares about Heart Symbolism: 


"I was asked about the heart symbol meaning from a reader who sees hearts everywhere. I responded here, with the understanding that symbolic meanings are really up to the interpreter. What culture, society, or an interpreter says about the heart symbol will always be different because beauty (and symbols) is in the eye of the beholder.


When signs come into our lives it simply means we’ve got to make sense of them as they apply to our life situations – there is a message, and it’s always personal (and usually profound).


That said – here are a few ideas on the symbolic meaning of seeing hearts…


Common Heart Meanings


Read more from Avia's article here. 


What is the reason the Heart symbol is calling to you? 


* Price per (1) silver heart toe ring. Toe ring is 925 sterling solid silver. 


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