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Silver Crystal Fairy Jar Necklace

Magical, mystical, and tiny! Real Quartz, Obsidian and Lapis Lazuli crystals with white sage in a fairy bottle pendant! 
Bottle is just over 1” tall. 

Lapis Lazuli is the crystal of communication! It’s all about speaking your truth, honesty, and clarity.

Obsidian is great to have close by. It has a mysterious vibe and is known for its protection and grounding abilities. Perfect for a psychic cleanse! 

Clear Quartz is also a great stone to have, especially around your neck! It promotes clarity and is known as The Master Healer. It helps to manifest energy quickly and is great for intention setting and revving up positive vibes! 

Fairy glass bottle comes with a 20"  1mm Sterling Silver Plated Necklace. It is also permanently sealed with a small cork topper. 

Sage keeps crystals safe and clean! Wear with love as this pendant will remind you to breathe and embrace your magic.