Love Your Inner Empath: A Healing Workbook and Tool Kit

Love Your Inner Empath: A Healing Workbook and Tool Kit

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Discover how to use the incredible gift of Empathy to develop a deeper understanding of your world, your life and yourself. Discover how to use your Empathy to become inspired instead of drained. Claxton reveals tools and tips that will protect, soothe and empower you. The pages within this guidebook take you on an invaluable journey that will lead you to sanity, build your confidence and help you develop a joyful and fulfilling life. Forward by Barrie John."April really is one in a million. Her passion for Empathy really shows. This workbook certainly does open up many doorways into the spiritual realms, for you to understand, learn and develop as an Empath at your own pace."- Barrie John, Award Winning UK Celebrity Spiritual Medium and Paranormal Investigator"Emphatic souls are sensitive and have often a light-full soul. We have not learned how to charge ourselves with energy within this tense and rapid world. April has crafted a powerfully magic book to help us stay with ourselves, protect ourselves and keep us soft so that we can feel like ourselves again. What a beautiful book, it will take care of your soul. I promise you will feel home."- Durga Holzhauser, Feminine Spiritual Leader,"Spiritual Gold! I didn't know how much I needed this workbook and you probably don't either! Awareness, healing, understanding and immediate action towards being the best person you were created to be is revealed with each and every word. Well written, easy to understand and follow, the messages make sense. Practical positive principals , April explains the what, why and how so brilliantly you will ask yourself why no one told you this before. Love, love, love "Your Inner Empath!" Get it now, you're worth it!"- Deb Scott, BA, CPC, Award Winning Radio Host 'The Best People We Know'

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