Fluorite Octahedron PURPLE

Fluorite Octahedron PURPLE


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The natural sacred geometry of Mother Earth can be seen within the Fluorite Octahedron.

Fluorite Octahedron crystals are naturally formed and become a perfect stone for meditation and energy work. Fluorite is useful for grounding and protection. It is also known for connecting us with energy of the Collective Consciousness which inspires truth and clarity. It aligns the upper chakras and creates balance between the physical and the mental. It also heightens mental abilities and brings intuitive insight into the physical world. It absorbs lower vibrational energies and needs to be cleansed and charged often.

Green Fluorite – Cleanses and renews chakras. Access to intuition. Absorbs excess energy and protects.
Purple Fluorite – Works with Third Eye and Psychic abilities. Great to use when wanting to connect with and personally work with Spirit.

Rainbow Fluorite combines the elements of both Green and Purple Fluorite.


Please note: Exact color and shape of crystal(s) may differ from picture shown. Picture shown is the approximate of size you will receive.

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  • Return/ Exchange Policy

    Due to their energetic properties, once crystals are sold and received, they are non-refundable and not able to be exchanged. If there are any issues or questions, please feel free to contact info@breathewithApril.com or (843) 333-1835.

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