Black Obsidian Sphere with Stand

Black Obsidian Sphere with Stand


Obsidian Sphere is solid, beautifully polished, and comes with wooden stand. 


Black Obsidian (A.K.A. Apache Tear) is also known as volcanic glass because of its smooth, reflective surface. This stone forms when volcanic lava cools too rapidly to form crystalline structures.


This meditative stone helps us look deeper at our self and will reflect our truth. It absorbs negative energy and promotes clarity and is great to use during Mercury Retrograde (see my blog post about Mercury Retro here).


It is a grounding stone and works with your root chakra. Use Black Obsidian when you want to go deeper, face your truth and deliberately create what your truth inspires you to. 


Obsidian Sphere is solid, polished, and comes with wooden stand. 

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