Dowsing Rods Made to Order

Dowsing Rods Made to Order


Your Dowsing Rods should match your energy!

They should reflect who you are.

They should be Divinely Guided.

We measure our dowsing rods from the tip of the handle to the tip of the rod (the opposite end).

From tip to tip, the length itself will be your choice of:

12” in length (Medium $35)
18” in length (Large $45)

Price is for (1) set of two rods. Rods are solid brass and are saged and blessed prior to sending. Alloy metal is available upon request.

Now the fun part! Creating!

Choose your main color base (black, white blacks with purple, pinks, greens/ blues/ blacks, etc.). Then choose a “theme” if desired. Theme examples can be hearts, skulls, patriotic, bohemian, Christian, Zen, angels, fairies, dogs, beach, motorcycles, chakras, animal totem, crystals, etc.
Please see the pictures featured for inspiration. You can also scroll through pictures on our Facebook page (Divinely Guided Dowsing Rods).

From skulls to purple Prince charms, from aliens to Saint Benedict medals, Source has you covered.

After length of rods are chosen, any additional prices vary by what is chosen/ wanted next. We’ve done rods with Swarovski Crystals and orders with rhinestones. Some people have simply wanted to stay within a particular budget.

If specific items need to be special ordered, it may increase the price of your rods. April or Braxton will go over this with you during the creative process.   

It all depends on what YOU want. They are divinely created by you, for you, through us.

Please allow 2-3 weeks from order to delivery for basic set. If any extra desires are needed or requested items need to be special ordered, please allow for additional time. Braxton and April will keep you posted throughout your process.

Braxton and April Roane have been creating custom handmade dowsing rods for over two years. They began decorating their own rods and used them in their own professional work. After making one pair, the rods now sell themselves. Custom dowsing rods have been created for individuals worldwide.

Dowsing rods are used for many different reasons. Braxton and April are selling handmade dowsing rods with the understanding that you know how to care for and use them, and that you are purchasing them for your own use. These are not toys.

The process of using dowsing rods to communicate with Spirit is a sacred and highly respected form of Divination. It is recommended and suggested that the purchaser/ owner of these rods researches and fully understands how to use them. By ordering and purchasing these rods, the purchaser/ owner understands that they are solely responsible for the use and storage of their rods. This includes spiritual respect and responsibility (not allowing others to “play” with dowsing rods).


Learn the basics of Dowsing here! 

If there are any questions, or if you would like specific information on Rods, please contact us!

Because Rods are custom made to order, they are non-refundable and are not able to be returned. April and Braxton would like to assist with any requests, concerns or questions. Contact us here. 



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