A Message From ‘the channel”

Today I am not feeling as festive as I did yesterday. It’s that, “I‘m an Old Soul. I believe in wellbeing. I flow with the unfolding... I’m achy. My voice is raspy. Uh oh.”

Just as we feel that we have a solid foundation in Faith, Trust, and Deliberate Creation, a wave rolls in and shakes our foundation. Or, it’s all in how we look at it. Waves are the solid foundation we build upon.

I made an appointment with my doctor for Thursday morning. Protocol. But, I’m good. I am resting and listening... breathing away the panic- not just from what I may be up against, but from what we are all up against right now together. I am wrestling with my readings today and my postponed live channel session tonight. And as I lie here in silence I hear, “Note. Rest. Sleep.”

Spirit knows. I didn’t sleep at all last night. Empaths absorb the exact emotions of other living Beings. Empaths are sensitive to energy. And the energy now? New and different and chaotic to say the least.

When we neglect our own wellbeing, we become susceptible to exhaustion, compassion fatigue, altered judgement, and illness. When we are not well, our immune system is not well.

To be mindful of my health, I need to be mindful of my body. It’s a balance. 😝🤪

Because my Higher Power/ Source/ God/ Universe has never lead me astray, I am going to listen. I will hold space for a message from ’the channel’. I will then disconnect for a bit for today. #TheYearOfBlessings

If you are not sure who ‘the channel’ is or what this even means, please click link below to read my previous blog where I introduce them.


A Message from ‘the channel’



“This is a time of the great calm. A time where there will be noise, distraction, fear, and hate. But you have been called! You are too aware of the noise, the distraction, the fear, and the hate- and yet you choose to stay there. Choice is the freedom that has been given to you. It is the power that combines. It is the power that disconnects. When choice is used for true freedom, it will always bring together. The great calm will inspire you to step into your power. Step into your awareness. Stay calm. Let go so that we can connect. We do not falter. We do not hate. We inspire truth, for truth is all that this transformation is allowing.“

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