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April is on Eastern Standard Time Zone

David Majere

"Being able to find a person that can bring through an Energy and Being like this is a rarity and a honor. If you had a reading from April, then think about how much lighter you feel after.

Okay, that is a drizzle from the faucet.  

Now open it up all the way to let the energy flow and that is sitting in front of Spirit when she channels.  

Drop in and see for yourself.

I also slept well and my watch showed that I was in REM sleep for over an hour.

That never happens.

Nellie Ayala

"For the past 6 years, April has served as the active voice for the messages from those that provide guidance and wisdom from a different plain of existence.

Her spiritual bridge has allowed me to charter an appropriate course through this journey we call life,

above the noise of the outside and free from the thoughts that cloud my own judgement.

Anthony J.

"It was revelatory as usual.

We listened to the recorded session and were both blown away with the level of specificity.

Like, not in the ballpark. Right there. On it. Hole in one.

Thank you for everything. Till next time.