Divinely Guided

April is a true channel for Spirit. As a psychic medium, she 'holds the space' for your Spirit Guides, Angels, Loved Ones and Beings of the Highest Love and Light. It is through April not from April as she is simply a channel for Spirit. April works with Spirit by receiving feelings, visions, sounds, thoughts, ideas, smells and tastes through her sixth sense. She believes everyone has a gift and her work is to inspire your alignment with the gift(s) you naturally have.


April has been called "a gatekeeper to the other side whose top priority is to serve" by New York Times bestselling author, Melody Beattie. She's been featured on CBS Radio, BIO Channel, A&E, MelodyBeattie.net and The Best People We Know Radio. 

April's  previous radio show on Blogtalk Radio and CBS NewSky Radio, The Movement Within, April interviewed and introduced her Spirit Posse to some of the most inspirational leaders in mind, body and soul work. 

April is a valued psychic medium, teacher and author who currently works with individuals, families, organizations and groups world wide. She is well known for her work with Empathy and her Love Your Inner Empath workbook and workshops.

She is an inspirational teacher/ speaker who has presented lectures, seminars, workshops and classes throughout North America and often works with adults and children dealing with abuse and addictions. April has also written a celebrated children's book, Goodnight Just The Same. 


4.5 150 Love Her Readings

"Words can't express my gratitude! Thank you, April, for your time, energy, love, knowledge, and support. The way you work with Source and the information you share is always spot-on. Love for all you do!  

Sherree Minoletti

"I needed to hear that more than you'll ever know or even understand. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!"

Sunny Rogers

Anna Prado-Frias

"April is ALWAYS spot on! I am serious. I am very skeptical about a lot of stuff, but she always leaves me surprised! Plus she is super awesome!

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